Since 1998 AfU provides detailed, up-to-date and comprehensive company and investment fund information. In doing so, we rely on sound finacial journalistic know-how.

company data

With our company data business we are among the pioneering providers of analytical financial content on the Internet. Various third-party financial websites and its users rely on our fundamental data.

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fund data

The fund data business covers a broad spectrum of analysis: shareholder IDs, investor targetings and sustainability analysis. We supply this data to stock market companies and information providers.

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fund holdings data for MiFID II investor packages

MiFID II makes issuers more responsible in their approach to investors. At the same time, the possibility of financial partner support is considerably limited. The need to collect shareholder information from issuers themselves is growing. WPFC Consulting GmbH meets these challenges with two specific "Investor Packages": a monthly evaluation of the share ownership of fund investors and a semi-annual peer group analysis. This is based on the fund ownership database of AfU Research GmbH, which is one of the few companies worldwide to capture and evaluate international fund portfolios (currently more than 37,000).