information contained in our fund database

  1. complete fund holdings for over 30,000 investment funds
  2. amount held for each position in the fund
  3. fundname
  4. investment focus
  5. asset manager
  6. net asset value

products and services

  1. shareholder IDs and consolidation of various shareholder information
  2. peer group analysis and investor targeting
  3. individual research (e.g. SRI studies, fund of funds and fixed income fund analyses, etc.)
  4. investment strategies (e.g. contrary opinion strategy)

distinguishing features

  1. demand-oriented concentration on the European market
  2. generically grown database structure (since 1996)
  3. linking financial analysis and database know-how
  4. strategic distribution partnership with WPFC Consulting GmbH


  1. various German smallcaps
  2. foreign companies (e.g. BP Plc and CEMEX)
  3. Bellevue Asset Management, Solventis, MetisGroup, Ahrens & Behrens Financial Dynamics, Bayerische Landesbank, Dow Jones Factiva