Know how

AfU has its roots in the "Gabler Aktienführer 1996", which provided a very detailed profile of all small and medium-sized listed German stock compynies at the time. One year later, the development of a fund portfolio database was launched. Since then, both databases have been and are being successively expanded in a customer-orientated manner.

In 1998, AfU was the "first mover" in the field of company data (company profiles/basic data/key figures) for Internet applications in German-speaking countries. In the same year, AfU's fund portfolio data was integrated into Deutsche Börse AG's issuer service.

Supplying banking, stock exchange and financial portals and apps are still key applications of the company's data. Issuer-related analyses and investor targeting are core products of the fund portfolio data division.

Combined, AfU's company and fund portfolio data are the basis for a wide range of exclusive information products that also enjoy a high reputation in professional investment circles.

The working methods and philosophy of AfU and its approximately eight employees are essentially characterised by the experience that Managing Director Norbert Paulsen gained during his time as company editor of the Börsen-Zeitung.