Information products

AfU has many years of in-depth expertise in the coordination, consolidation and structuring of complex data volumes and, as a result, in the development of exclusive information products. These include projects such as the recording of risk positions, indicator-based company ratings, group linkages, a fund-specific sustainability rating for funds, back-tested investment tools, capital market newsletters and various publications such as the "Aktienpanorama - Börsennotierte Unternehmen in Deutschland", which was created as an ebook with quarterly updates and realised in cooperation with Bundesanzeiger Verlag. In addition, the AfU owns the rights to the title "INSIGHT Corporate Governance Deutschland".

In the recent past, AfU's know-how and the resulting solutions have been increasingly adapted to the requirements of financial, business and industry publishers. Innovative and scalable information products are developed and realised for this target group on the basis of the existing, unique database.

INSIGHT shareholder identification has already been used by Börsen-Kurier in Vienna for more than ten years. A first project with publishing partners concerns the balance sheet check, which has been published by Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung (DVZ) since September 2014. In addition to the balance sheet check, the "World Investment Study Transport and Logistic - Top 150 logistics stocks in the focus of the fund industry" and the monitors Insolvencies and Capital Market, which are published regularly, were recently developed. Several data-based editorial projects were realised for Going Public Media AG.

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