company profiles

  1. master data (address, subscribed capital, shareholders, management) - daily update
  2. company profile (business, financial analysis, outlook, history) - annual update
  3. financials (focus is on the comparability of key figures between companies) - annual update
  4. participations (more than 60,000)

company scope

  1. profiles for over 1,800 companies
  2. all German listed companies
  3. companies of the most important European stock indices
  4. DJIA, S&P100, NASDAQ100
  5. individual requirements can also be taken into account
  6. Furthermore, basic data is available for more than 6,000 foreign Xetra-traded companies (information is currently being expanded). In 2009, the first portrait texts were offered in English.


  1. Interactive Data Managed Solutions (provides AfU data to comdirect, Deutsche Bank maxblue, dab bank, CortalConsors, Erste Bank, Bank Austria, FAZ, FTD, Focus online, Boerse Stuttgart and Boerse Wien among others)
  2. Boersen-Zeitung
  3. Deutsche Boerse (data and projects)
  4. Dow Jones Factiva
  5. Insight Corporate Governance Germany (editorial content and data)
  6. Boersen-Kurier, Vienna (editorial content and data)