Company data


  1. Address data, phone/fax, contact person, sector, stock exchange location
  2. Extended basic data (including number of shares/subscribed capital, executive bodies, shareholders, company dates, sectors) with active daily updating
  3. - Short text profile in German and English, partly in Dutch, French and Italian (Project-related detailed structured financial journalistic text profile relating to the areas of business activity, analysis, outlook and history)
  4. Comprehensive industry, banking and insurance-specific tables of key figures with historical and cross-company comparability

This content is available for all German and Austrian companies whose shares are listed, as well as shares are listed, as well as almost all European and the most important international indices - that is a total of more than 3,000 listed companies worldwide and more than 150 unlisted companies from the logistics sector.

The AfU database also contains basic data on a further 9,000 listed companies and around 23,000 unlisted companies and foundations. The AfU also has access to extensive commercial register data. Further information is available at

Its customers include numerous renowned banking, stock exchange and financial portals/apps, which make the data available on the open Internet and/or for closed user groups.

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